Be More 

Covid 19 has had a devastating impact on the music industry, but out of adversity there always comes something positive. Since April, Clare has had the amazing opportunity to work with Chad E. Cooper  As a result Clare has embraced new ways of working and thinking.  

The only limits we have are those we impose upon ourselves.


Every morning Clare does a daily 'Be More' quick sketch to get the mind stilled and creative for practising, composing and writing. 

Every day is the opportunity for new growth and creativity...

Be more bee
Be more Emu
Be more otter-2
Be more Harvest Mouse
Be more dolphin
Be more rose
Be more elephant
Be more giraffe
Be more Polar Bear
Be more peacock
Be more Sunflower
Be more Lion
Instagram  Dog
Be more Cat
Be more Eagle
Be More Flute
Be More Acorn
Be More Butterfly
Be More Hare
Be More Snail
Be more Grasshopper
Be More Swan
The Time is Now
Be more Rotary